Comparison International

Comparison International

Benchmarking and helping organisations worldwide to improve performance continuously

Our Best Practice Benchmarking services are world leaders in the field of organisational diagnosis and improvement. They enable businesses and public service providers to:

"...the most powerful process any company can adopt and which delivers immediate, measurable and sustainable productivity improvements is the transfer of Best Practice."

Sir Digby Jones
Former Director-General
Confederation of British Industry
(now Lord Jones of Birmingham)

  • compare their performance against world class standards in their own and other sectors
  • pinpoint strengths and priority areas for improvement in current practices
  • devise action plans to deliver enhanced competitiveness
  • translate learning into performance through effective implementation

They enable change agencies to:

  • provide a high value added service which helps the organisations they serve to identify key issues quickly, reliably and efficiently
  • obtain fresh insights and perspectives about strengths and weaknesses in an industry, a sector, a supply chain - in fact any coherent grouping of organisations

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