Newcastle Plantation Shutters – Brief Notes

Interior designers create living spaces that reflect the lifestyle and tastes of their clients. A room (or an entire house) should be designed to enhance the homeowner’s enjoyment rather than showcase a designer’s talents. A great interior designer is one who knows how to accomplish both. One of the best and popular options for window treatment is Plantation Shutters. Plantation shutters are louvers encased in a solid frame which makes them more durable than ordinary blinds. They have tilt-rods that give homeowners total control over the amount of light and air to let in (or keep out) without sacrificing their privacy. They are also made of easy-to-clean materials (faux wood) which make them a great choice for homeowners with busy lifestyles.

Plantation shutters are preferred by many interior designers because they offer versatility. Coming in a variety of neutral hues, they easily complement and enhance any décor without drawing undue attention to themselves. Because of their construction, these Plantation shutters also aid in maintaining temperatures evenly throughout the day adding considerably to the comfort and enjoyment of homeowners.

In terms of functionality and aesthetics, plantation shutters offer so much more to homeowners than curtains or ordinary blinds. This is why interior designers do not hesitate to recommend them for use in the homes of their clients. Although plantation shutters may cost homeowners more in terms of an initial cash outlay, interior designers know that in the long run, they are the most cost-effective choice for their clients because of their durability and ease of maintenance.