Best Practice Benchmarking Design
by Research

PROBE — A Design by Research & Practice

"We briefed the team and gave people time to look at the questionnaire individually, and then we met as a group for an initial discussion. This prepared us for the main session with the external facilitator. That is probably the strongest element of the tool — the opportunity to get a diverse group of people together — managers and representatives from all areas of the staff — to debate the questions. It allowed the staff to challenge some of the assumptions of the managers, particularly in areas around communication, leadership and people management."

Richard Clayton
(formerly) Pathology Service Manager
at a Hospital Trust within the UK's National Health Service

The PROBE methodology was built around leading edge applied research during the 1990s, and has been maintained, updated and enhanced by on-going research and development ever since.

Two core research projects created the foundation of the methodology and the focus on Best Practice Benchmarking. In manufacturing, the first of these two projects created the first in an on-going series of research reports called "Made In Europe."

The second, "An International Service Study", published its first results in 1997 and created the foundation of understanding best practices and performance of world class service organisations.

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