Best Practice Benchmarking

We often speak of "world class" companies but how do you define and measure that for yourself? How does an industry examine itself comprehensively and learn from the best what its strengths and weaknesses are? A vast array of benchmarking services and data have emerged in the search of understanding competitiveness and what differentiates "them" from "us". Comparison International provides an innovation in the field of business improvement with what we call Best Practice Benchmarking and its underlying methodology PROBE (PROmoting Business Excellence).

"I am always struck by the honesty and eagerness to improve in teams taking part in PROBE discussions. It is this humility coupled with a systematic and determined approach that is making such a difference to participating organisations"

Phil Hanson, co-author of PROBE, Principal Industrial Fellow at the University of Cambridge's Institute for Manufacturing

PROBE's benchmarking integrates the picture of practice and performance across an organisation in one pass. Like the human body and all its systems and functions for growing, PROBE takes a comprehensive approach to understanding an organisation and its competitiveness. Our approach produces learning and measurement via a facilitated self-assessment process. The result is not just identifying competitive position but also a diagnostic for planning actions. PROBE is built from understanding what defines world class performance and the practices that drive it. As a result PROBE can be used as a valuable diagnostic and continuous improvement tool for building world class practices and results of excellence.

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