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How implementing Best Practices can improve performance for Change Agencies

All over the world, in 1001 different settings, energetic, capable and often inspirational 'change agencies' encourage and help the corporate communities they serve to seek out and implement best practices and improve performance.

We know, because we've met, worked with and learned from lots of them.

Change agencies come in many different guises, with the common thread that their aim is to stimulate and facilitate performance improvement among a particular group (or "community") of organisations.

Comparison International works closely with a wide range of change agencies across many sectors and geographies, helping them to target their scarce resources and to achieve their aims by equipping them with powerful Best Practice Benchmarking tools.

Benefits for change agencies:

  • fresh insights and perspectives
  • challenging conventional wisdom about strengths and improvement opportunities in an industry, a sector, a supply chain - in fact any coherent grouping of organisations.
  • "Working with Comparison International and PROBE has been incredibly productive. Our joint work has enabled the Agency to bring a new method of diagnostic benchmarking to the Learning and Skills sector"

    Jane Owen
    (formerly) RQA Programme Advisor
    Learning & Skills Development Agency

  • a value adding service which enables the organisations you serve to identify key issues quickly, reliably and efficiently
  • to assess the current status of the performance and practices of the corporate communities in which they work; and
  • to pinpoint and prioritise improvement opportunities, and stimulate efforts to exploit those opportunities

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