Tipping Point Workshops

Creating Contagious Commitment to Change

"I came in quite cynical about business change models but the whole day was made so relevant to the real world I left buzzing with enthusiasm to try and apply it."

Anonymous feedback from March 2007
Tipping Point workshop

PROBE Best Practice Benchmarking services are extremely effective at helping you to identify opportunities for practice improvements that can deliver enhanced performance and competitiveness; and effective Action Planning is a vital next step. However, this still leaves the significant challenge of translating action plans into successful implementation. As anyone knows who has ever tried to change organisations and their established ways of working, this is not as easy as it sounds.

Despite the best efforts of many clever and committed people, success rates for change initiatives and improvement action plans are generally poor. To succeed, a change must garner the commitment and energy of people who did not invent the idea or decide to implement it. This can be a tricky undertaking. The Tipping Point workshop helps participants to improve their effectiveness at implementing change. The workshop applies lessons from public health. It turns inside-out what we know about the spread of an epidemic and applies it to spreading acceptance of change in an organisation, suggesting what we need to do to 'create contagious commitment' to the changes we are trying to implement.

The Tipping Point workshop has been devised by Dr. Andrea Shapiro, and Comparison International is working with Andrea to further develop and deploy this innovative learning opportunity, which combines the fun of a team competition with valuable learning points and challenges to conventional thinking about change.

Participants receive a copy of Andrea Shapiro's book Creating Contagious Commitment, which supports the workshop and aims to help them translate the lessons into practice.

Learning outcomes for Tipping Point Workshop participants

  • Understand a novel model of change and consider its potential usefulness
  • Share active learning with experienced colleagues through case study simulation
  • Surface, review and challenge unspoken assumptions about change and its management
  • Learn from experience of testing change strategies through a realistic computer simulation
  • Transfer modern ideas and evidence about change and spread from theory into practice, strengthening action plans and enhancing their robustness and success rates

The workshop is based around a computer model that realistically simulates the spread of changes in organisations. Participants work in small teams, pitting their wits against each other and against the model to optimise the effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness, of their action plans. The workshop combines a 'fun' competition with opportunities to develop some profound insights.

The Tipping Point workshop is an ideal extension of the process of Best Practice Benchmarking, helping to enhance the effectiveness of Action Plans and their Implementation. Comparison International can deliver the Tipping Point workshop as an extension to PROBE best practice benchmarking or as a stand-alone service, contributing to the broader development of vital capacity and capability for successful implementation of changes and improvements. Comparison International can also help Change Agencies, including PROBE Licensees, to develop their own capacity to deliver Tipping Point workshops for their clients. For more information about The Tipping Point workshop, and to find out how you can access this service, contact us.

In January 2009, Dr David Yarrow of Comparison International was accredited as a Tipping Point Master Trainer – the only Master Trainer outside North America. Comparison International are now able to train and license business advisers and change agents to lead The Tipping Point workshops. This ‘certification training’ can be provided directly for Change Agencies, assisting them to add this powerful tool to their improvement toolkit. For more information, contact us.

Comparison International are also scheduling regular ‘public’ certification training courses. Click here for forthcoming Tipping Point Certification Training .