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The PROBE Family of Best Practice Benchmarking services tools

Improving Your Competitiveness and Effectiveness

In a highly competitive and demanding corporate environment, it is essential for organisations to improve their performance in order to survive and prosper. But just what are your organisation's performance levels? How do you compare with your competitors and peers? Many organisations believe they already know, but the only way to really know if your organisation is world class, best of breed or just plain average is through measurement.

" I see that for many small businesses  the use of PROBE’s Micro Business product represents the organization’s first in-depth and focused inquiry into the key factors and processes that drive its business results. Through a well researched and validated process comes inquiry and dialogue and from these comes a consensus on “the way things are”. Ultimately what emerges from use of the PROBE is a clear profile of the company’s strengths and areas for improvement and its opportunity to work into a position as a company with world class standing amongst its peers. "

William Bradshaw Swanson
Master Certified Business Counselor
Maine Small Busness and Technology Development Center/NSAI

Best Practice Benchmarking will help measure your current performance level. It will help you, as an organisation, to understand whether the practices and culture of your organisation reinforce the values that drive customer satisfaction and outstanding results.

Benchmarking will also help you to identify operational strengths and areas for improvement. It will enable you to compare your organisation with competitors and peers, and should be used as a strategic management tool on an ongoing basis to track performance gains. PROBE Best Practice Benchmarking services provide powerful capabilities for analysing:

  • Industries, vertically and horizontally
  • Sectors
  • Supply Chains
  • Networks
  • Regions

Data gathered through PROBE adds substantial value to research and improvement projects focusing on operations management, service management, regional competitiveness and inter national manufacturing and service benchmark comparisons, to name a few. In combination with an extensive global data base , PROBE-generated data can provide fresh insights and perspectives, test hypotheses and challenge conventional wisdom about "the way things are..." and "the way things need to be..." in the context of an industry, a sector, a region, a supply chain — in fact any grouping of organisations which it makes sense to analyse and engage with as a coherent population or community. PROBE Best Practice Benchmarking services can be customised for sectoral or special purpose needs. To discuss your needs please 'Contact us'.