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W. Edwards Deming

PROBE for Sustainable Business

PROBE for Sustainable Business is a valuable aid for any organisation that wishes to review its progress towards the goal of sustainability. It helps the organisation to:

PROBE for Sustainable Business



  • make sense of ‘sustainability’
  • pinpoint and prioritise improvement opportunities
  • improve the bottom line for the organisation itself…
  • …while simultaneously becoming part of the solution for society at large.



There are many tools that address aspects of sustainability. PROBE for Sustainable Business is different because it enables the organisation to achieve a complete, rounded assessment of all aspects of sustainability, in a way that is practical, fast and cost-efficient.

We are using the words ‘sustainable business ’ in their broadest sense, encompassing all sectors, all corporate organisations, from commercially-focused companies to public institutions and services, from sole traders to multi-national corporations. Sustainability is an issue that affects, and is affected by, every organisation of every type and size, everywhere. This cross-sectoral relevance is reflected in the distinguished list of collaborators who have contributed to the development of this tool. Click here to learn more about our development collaborators.

Like all PROBE tools, PROBE for Sustainable Business delivers a great return on investment for individual businesses (click here to learn more about benefits for businesses), and is a powerful tool for intermediaries and change agencies helping their members and clients to get to grips with sustainability (click here for more about benefits for change agencies).

The Natural StepPROBE for Sustainable Business is based on sound science and on a systems thinking approach to sustainability – and approach that is not limited to a particular environmental, social or economic perspective. This unique tool brings together the proven PROBE methodology with a rigorously-researched framework that encapsulates sustainability as a set of powerful and readily-understood principles – The Natural Step Framework

For more information about PROBE for Sustainable Business, and to find out how you can access this service for your business or obtain a licence to deliver it to others contact us.