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How implementing Best Practices can improve performance for not-for-profit organisations

We used PROBE for Public Service as one of a range of tools to review the value for money being provided by our support services. I feel the PROBE added strength to the process in various ways...

Joy Brindle
Assistant Chief Executive
District of Easington Council

As a provider of public services, you are as focused as any business on the need to be highly effective in pursuit of your aims and the delivery of outcomes; and professional and efficient in the way you operate. The challenges of maximising the impact of precious, often scarce resources are extremely demanding.

Best Practice Benchmarking offers service providers opportunities to

  • pinpoint ways of enhancing performance
  • identify and prioritise gaps between current ways of working and known best practice
  • learn from others in the same line of work... and leverage opportunities for lateral learning across sectoral boundaries

We wanted to benchmark ourselves, and we were looking for a model to help us do that. We thought of using the EFQM Excellence Model, but there would have been a lot of work involved in that. At that stage we wanted something else that would be a bit easier to do.

Fran Toller
Divisional Manager of Women and Children's Services
South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

(2007 Top Performer of the Year, Dr Foster Good Hospital Guide)

The best way to identify your organisation's improvement opportunities is through measurement and comparison with others. Comparison International has a range of Best Practice Benchmarking tools that can examine your practices and help you identify improvements to lead your organisation to superior performance and achievement.

Our diagnostic tools will help you identify operational strengths and areas for improvement. As an ongoing strategic management tool, Best Practice Benchmarking enables you to track real gains by comparing your performance over time and against that of your peers and other organisations in quite different spheres of activity.

Several of our Best Practice Benchmarking tools are designed specifically for providers of public services:

Public Service Provider
Learn more about PROBE for Public Service
, our Best Practice Benchmarking tool designed specifically for organisations whose focus is effective service provision rather than generation of profit

Healthcare Provider
Learn more about PROBE for Healthcare
, adapted for the particular needs of providers of healthcare services

Learning Provider
Some learning providers are public service/not-for-profit focused, others operate as for-profit businesses. Learn more about PROBE for Learning Providers.

Other tools are equally applicable to public service providers and to for-profit businesses:

Focus on Leadership and People Management
Learn more about the variant of PROBE that focuses in more detail on the critically important areas of Leadership and People Management

Focus on Environment, Health and Safety
Learn more about the variant of PROBE that focuses on best practice in the management of environmental issues, health and safety